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    Core tip: in PVC profile production and its application, all can produce hot light oxidation reaction, polymer molecules under the effect of heat, pressure, the trace impurities such as water, acid, alkali and oxidation in the air,

    In PVC profile production and its application, all can produce hot light oxidation reaction, polymer molecules under heat and pressure, the trace impurities such as water, acid, alkali and oxidation in the air, and the lower molecular weight and macromolecular structure change.
    This chemical change is called the degradation, its performance is the most intuitive surface yellowing, luster fade, serious and even gray.
    Profile discoloration caused customer doubt the performance of PVC material, the consequences are serious.

    Discoloration of PVC profile

    Heat, oxygen, light aging become angry

    Many people think that solve the profile processing with the problem of color, as long as lower processing temperature of yellowing profile production line, can reduce the color difference.
    But there are also people who believe that is the greatest influence yellow PVC, CPE, stabilizer, different batches of PVC, CPE, stabilizer, the main auxiliary materials, processing will exist in different color.
    In this case, even a single add a certain amount of brightener, light aging resistance agent, also not much.

    Heat, oxygen, light aging change color is the major forms of profile yellowing, have individual stabilizer manufacturers in the promotion of its products claimed that the use of their products and similar factories than, can reduce the number and reduce the cost, although the result can also produce the apparent satisfactory profiles, but in the recycling of waste, in demanding the process temperature, due to its thermal stability is inefficient, the damage to the molecular structure of the PVC is not visible to the naked eye can observe, so the production when the following conditions:

    (1) profiles found that color is not uniform in the processing (such as a slight color deviation is allowed).

    (2) after the heat deformation profile obviously yellowing;

    (3) by heating it in good condition, but the material made from doors and Windows of time becomes the ash.
    Profiles in the normal production is not yellow, and later into yellow window products.

    In the process of material production, no change when the basic conditions such as raw materials and mould, if its plasticizing period and homogenization temperature of 5 ℃ or so, the material yellowing tendency, also suggests that the thermal stability of efficiency is not enough, should increase the amount of heat stabilizer of, especially formulated the whitening agents such as fluorescent whitening agent, heat stabilizer, whitening effect is not obvious.

    PVC molecular structure and the relationship between color

    (1) for the PVC resin is a kind of heat-sensitive plastic, its light stability is poorer, under the action of heat and light, branched off HCI reaction, polyene structure of molecules, when main chain conjugated double bond number not much have off color, when the hydrogen chloride is first with the potential to the activity of acid substances, and the yoke double bond as a new active position in the PVC molecular chain, caused by the light into macromolecular free radical, PVC is susceptible to oxidation, produce.

    (2) PVC resin have a certain number of low molecular weight components, reduces the thermal stability of the polymer, PVC decomposition mechanism of free radical mechanism, the mechanism of ion, single molecular mechanism, etc., PVC decomposition besides stabilizer and can be affected by the quality of PVC resin itself, such as PVC resin are too much of the initiator.

    (3) polymer such as there is some impurities, such as joining in the process of polymerization initiator, catalyst, acid and alkali removal, or absorb the moisture in the process of storage and transportation, will reduce the stability of the polymer.
    Because these substances can cause molecules - ion degradation reactions, CPE containing more Cl2, HCl, such as low molecular material, easy to accelerate the thermal decomposition of resin.
    So bad for stability of PVC, CPE system by increasing the dosage of stabilizing agent can also eliminate some profiles yellowing problem.

    (4) the structure of hard PVC profiles, it is made of PVC as a continuous phase of multiphase polymer mixture and kneading heat stabilizer, light stabilizer, lubricant, filler and pigment "constitute a hybrid system, when the PVC profile exposure in the natural environment, once the dehydrochlorination of PVC components, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride group branch into a new composition, it scattered within the oxidation degradation of physical layer, and forming potential water position, this is one of the reasons for the outdoor profile yellowed.

    (5) in addition to the temperature and stress, before the plastic molding, in the cold high stirring, mixing, extrusion process, such as shear stress and tensile stress caused by the action of thermal degradation.

    Solve the color difference, single method and not ideal processing problems, such as overall consideration from the following four aspects, to solve more quickly:

    (1) the lower processing temperature than lower processing temperature the color white;

    (2) in the composite stabilizer effect than pure and single lead salt increases compound stabilizer effect is good;

    (3) simply add stabilizer and than choose of stabilizer, and selects the whitening masterbatch or high whiteness packing, increasing the effect of titanium dioxide fast;

    (4) within a modest increase in the pure titanium dioxide again some lubricant effect is better.
    Generally considered low molecular substances have a plasticizing effect on polymer, mechanism is one of the interaction between molecules and small molecules instead of the interaction between macromolecules, making the macromolecular chain segment motion is much easier.

    These measures will prevent from different degree of PVC decomposition, reduce material processing color inconsistent phenomenon, in the most efficient way from stable system optimization design, to suppress PVC conjugate thin hair color more structure.

    Production practice of using self-made ultraviolet lamp profile for ultraviolet aging for 12 hours, have obvious color change.
    In a timely manner to product of natural climate exposed aging test is necessary, to filter out from material with excellent weather resistance formula.

    Lead sulfide pollution become angry

    PVC outside after the rain and the strong sunlight, profiles of local surface discoloration, have a plenty of the same in the remaining raindrops on the window with a profile of local color is more severe, the surface color is light gray or light gray ". In addition to other reasons, ultramarine blue as the nattierblue get worked up uneven dispersion is one of the reasons, ultramarine blue, aluminum silicate of sulfur-containing compounds, alkali resistant acid, excessive usage in PVC profiles, or a large number of accumulation, in theory, and the effect of sulfur compound might generate black lead sulfide, color phenomenon has appeared in many profile Windows and doors factory. This is the use of lead salt stabilizer series at the same time to join a lower quality of titanium white and green group of profile factory problems worthy of attention.

    Also have factory report in contact with the rubber sealing strip profile also have obvious color change, and change color to spread around, in addition to the bad sealing strip contains easy to precipitate the oil materials, etc., the other reason has a rubber sealing strip residual sulfur and lead role in generating the result of lead sulfide.

    Different profile of tooth whitening

    Titanium dioxide is the best white pigment, widely used in plastic special-shaped material, it is also a good light screening agent.
    Rutile type titanium dioxide (R) relative density 4.26, the refractive index of 2.72, can most visible light reflection and refraction, and can be fully absorbed less than 410 nm wavelength ultraviolet ray, good heat resistance, weather resistance, uv shielding is strong, is to improve the profile is one of the important raw materials of weathering, as well as to inhibit the action of the PVC dehydrochlorination, delay the decomposition of PVC, but due to its market price is higher, there are some profile factory to reduce cost, reduce the dosage of titanium dioxide to 3.6, or less, so that greatly reduces the material weatherability.

    When products in 8% titanium dioxide content in the cover rate into balance, is beyond the scope not more.
    Due to the high polymer material adding titanium dioxide can make the viscosity rise, liquidity is reduced, the torque caused by increased processing difficulties, join five or so commonly, lack of whiteness can add a small amount of fluorescent whitening agent.

    Fluorescent whitening agent is a special kind of powder, organic matter can absorb under 400 nm uv light wave, and will absorb the energy conversion, radiation from 400-400 nm purple or blue fluorescence, and with its by reflection matrix to compensate for the losses of purple and blue wavelengths.
    Therefore of fluorescent whitening agent both whitening and ultraviolet absorption.
    White product to add a small amount of blue paint "target =" _blank "> pigments in order to achieve" covered the yellow ", the purpose of fluorescent whitening agent is increase the number of the reflected light as "add light" role, and add the blue tooth whitening "obscuration" role is different, so that the products surface brightness increased, make the products more clear, bright color, to achieve "glow" whitening effect.

    The selection of varieties of fluorescent whitening agent should take into account the melting temperature and decomposition temperature, the maximum absorption wavelength, solubility and fast degrees.
    Domestic general brightening agent, such as type PF decomposition temperature is low, the initial decomposition temperature 178 ℃, the maximum absorption wavelength of 363 nm, and sublimation phenomenon, the price is low, but the effect is poor.
    If choose 0 b type, the melting point of 196-203 ℃ and decomposition temperature greater than 220 ℃, the maximum absorption wavelength of 375 nm, "0-1 b type, the melting point of 353-359 ℃, the maximum absorption wavelength of 374 nm, the largest emission fluorescence wavelength of 434 nm;
    The "127" is particularly suited to PVC products.

    The selection of pigment

    Many manufacturers use inorganic pigment group of blue tooth whitening and toning, think the inorganic pigment fast good, but its resistance fastness is only 1-2 confirmed aging (guangzhou).
    Although ultramarine blue heat resistance is very good, but its acid resistance is very poor, because the PVC can decompose the hydrogen chloride in the machining process, a mixed unevenly, very easy to make a high content of ultramarine blue part of the polymer materials decompose discoloration, and generate free sulphur,, in turn, react with stabilizer of lead salt, lead sulfide production, causing white profiles.

    The use of fluorescent whitening agent in PVC profile and phthalocyanine blue tooth whitening and toning, weatherability better than the group of green.
    But bad phthalocyanine blue dosage control, PVC / 1.5 g per hundred kilograms of phthalocyanine blue pigment, the tinctorial yield than the group of 20 times qdu, easy to produce off color, from general phthalocyanine blue and green, sensory effect is not good.
    Huaxing company through a large number of test selection, with the fluorescent whitening agent such as 0 b trace "blue" by high temperature, produce concentrated whitening masterbatch, after more than 20 profile factory use, has achieved satisfactory effect of whitening, brightening and improving material weatherability.
    Similar with the latest brand in some dispersants in pigment dispersant with chengdu institute of sichuan university high polymer additives in the help of chemical KD - 105 products, considering the general manufacturers both inside and outside the profile formula of lubricant has been coordinated, so the pigment dispersant are helpful to lighten the rigid PVC products, this kind of pigment dispersant is an ester compound dispersant, has good compatibility with PVC, so the mobility is small, not precipitation, butt weld strength and low-temperature impact Angle, avoid the mold vacuum the blockage of the eye, and is ideal for profiles production brightening and reinforcing effect.
    Using huaxing profile special color masterbatch, simplifies the weighing formula of profile manufacturer of ingredients and color error.
    At the same time the optimal price-performance.

    At present domestic profile less dedicated PVC color masterbatch manufacturer, this is because the viscosity of PVC is big, easy to decompose, products easy to produce off color, technology is difficult.

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